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Want a Little More from your CZ 452 ?

There is no denying the appeal of CZ's 452 bolt action line of smallbore rifles. They are considered by some to be _the_ entry level rifle for Smallbore Metallic Silhouette. Our local range even uses them as loaner rifles to get first-timers interested.

We aren't going to tell you all there is to know about this rifle. Eric Brooks has already done that. If you are curious, take a look at the FAQ on What we are going to point out is some information we nearly missed.

Since budget minded CZ452 silo shooters might be looking for some budget accuracy improvements, we think we should point out this page. We found a link to this article on Using some ingenious but low tech ideas the article describes and shows (with large images) how to make a better trigger for target use. Since it was written, Eric has developed an inexpensive kit to help the DIY'er. The article involves modifying the trigger so due caution must be observed. Our disclaimer is as follows: if you don't know what you are doing, stop.




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