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Aftermarket Anschutz Magazines

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Aftermarket Magazine Madness

After hearing various reports about aftermarket magazines for Anschutz rifles we decided some first hand research was in order.

The main benefit of an aftermarket magazine is it's price. The ones procured for this evaluation were about a quarter of the list price of a factory Anschutz magazine. They are probably easier to find, too, as they fit more than just the Anschutz rifle. The mags evaluated here were procured from Brownells and were listed as fitting 6 different Savage models in addition to the Anschutz action.

The downside may be the quality of the magazines. We cannot confirm or deny this. A difference that we did notice is the size and shape of the magazine floorplate. The aftermarket magazine has a simple stamped steel floorplate. If your hold is under the magazine, the difference in profile of the floorplate could be a deal breaker.

We heard this magazine would work with no modification. We also heard modification of the feed lips would be required. Our results confirmed neither.

The general shape and size correct. The hang up was that the clip did not lock into the rifle in exactly the correct position. The notch at the rear was located about a millimeter too low. If the magazine was pushed far enough into the well to lock in it would interfere with the bottom of the bolt. Our solution was to move the notch at the rear of the magazine upward approximately one millimeter.

smallbore imageIt may be difficult to see in the image, but the magazine's original v-shaped notch has been modified by filing the upper side of the notch only. A scratch caused by the file can be seen in the aft side of the magazine. Little material needed to be removed. We filed only enough to allow the magazine to lock into the well without causing the bolt to hang up.

We'll keep using our aftermarket magazines. They work, after modification, as well as a factory magazine. If you are comfortable with a small file, and have an extra 10 minutes, we say go ahead.




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