Cheep Eley and trigger control

22 Long Rifle ammo is finicky. Tell us all about it here.
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Re: Cheep Eley and trigger control

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Jerry, try shooting an air rifle indoors. It will let you know instantly what you are doing right or wrong.
Another thing I do to minimize jerking the trigger when I shoot HP is to make some dummy rounds that look the same as the rounds I am using, then I put at least five dummy rounds and five live ones in my vest's pocket and when I reach for one round I make an effort no to look at the primer when chambering it. You will know that you are flinching or jerking the trigger when you pull the trigger on a dummy round and hopefully with time you will get rid of the problems you are having.
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Re: Cheep Eley and trigger control

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Tony, I am doing both and it seems to help. I found some targets with a 0.25 inch white dot in a black circle and I am keeping track of the white dot hits I ger. I can see some progress. It is however slow progress.
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Re: Cheep Eley and trigger control

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This is a great post! I wish we had more posts on shooting problems and how to correct them!
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