What works on Rams?

More expensive to feed, but worth it.
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Re: What works on Rams?

Post by CoastDog »

Accuracy, Power, Recoil is the priority list for High Power.
Very high skilled folks have put light calibres like the 6BR to good use with the right bullet. Will it work for everyone ? The average AAA will most likely rings a lot of rams. I have witnessed many long faces of 6BR shooters.
The 7-08 was the standard for many years. 130g or 150g C, P, T and 168 for rams. The book call for full foot placement on rail. In my view the whole character of high Power Silhouette is knocking that ram off the rail. It takes power. Everyone loses rams from time to time. The 7-08 was a good compromise of power and recoil. I load to around 2500 f/s for reasonable balance of power and recoil. It works and doesn’t beat me up.
When the .260 came around many folks turned to the lighter recoil while still having power enough with 140g bullets for the rams, using 107 or 123 for the lower targets. It is fairly reliable, but of course likely more rung rams than with the 168. It is a very good compromise as evidenced by the exceptional adoption of the .260 by silhouette shooters. Another benefit is the wide variety of 6.5mm bullets available currently. The 7mm is not as popular in general so more challenging to find, especially the lighter bullets.
I shoot a 7-08 in Standard Rifle for many years with good result. It rarely losses a ram on a wide variety of ranges and environmental conditions. Rain on the rails will make rams sticky for example. For me personally I enjoy shooting the 7-08. I don’t find that I endure the recoil. I just like the ride. Go figure.
I shoot a 6.5x47 in hunter class. It is lighter recoil. It has been mostly reliable on rams , but can be caught out by a tough ram or sticky one in the rain.
Both guns will give 1/2moa accuracy with good bullets and well developed reloads.
One of my concerns with high Power Silhouette is the character of the game
being compromised by setting rams “light” as is often called for by disappointed 6BR users. Folks invest thousands of dollars and then lose rams. Understandable. Shoot a light caliber if you prefer, but please don’t take away the character of the game to appease those who won’t take their lumps when it doesn’t work on rams.
When basketball starts using a bigger hoop because is hard to get the ball into, I’ll shut up, lol. This is a character building game, the big egos and faint of heart will be challenged.
At the end of the day, everyone who had fun and learned something new goes home a winner. :ymparty: :ymparty: :ymparty:
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Re: What works on Rams?

Post by Merlin »

I agree with CoastDog... To hell with women and young shooters and old guys with bad joints. If you don't want to be beat up when you shoot just crawl back under the porch.

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Re: What works on Rams?

Post by SteveD »

Hope you haven't given up on the 6BR. Yes, 107's aren't going to work well. 107 SMK's are the right thing for C,P, & T.

I had some custom 125gr, 6mm bullets made. They work in an 8 twist barrel and do a fine job on the rams.
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Re: What works on Rams?

Post by Pagunner »

I have found that hitting them ups your chances.
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Re: What works on Rams?

Post by cedestech »

Pagunner wrote: Sun May 28, 2023 5:34 pm I have found that hitting them ups your chances.
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Re: What works on Rams?

Post by Snake »

In the bad old days when men were men and sheep were terrified we all shot .308s, and 190 grs at the Ram. And we even lost rams occasionally with the 190. Then the 7-08 came along and the 7mm 168 was just about as long as the 308 190 and the 175gr 7mm was a better ram thumper with less agony.

Observations revealed that if one slows the bullet down one becomes more successful at knocking rams over because the bullet is less prone to disintegrating on contact and thus retains sufficient mass/momentum to get the job done. A light bullet requires greater velocity to achieve the required momentum and thus the risk of coming apart is greater and it has less mass at the git go. So its a balancing act between accuracy, recoil, and mass down range.
Its an outdoor game and it ain't easy.
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