Open Rifle discussion

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Open Rifle discussion

Post by acorneau »

Since things have been slow around here I'll start this one...

What makes for a good Open Rifle?

What caliber? Is .177 the way to go or does a .20 have advantages?
What speed/power? ~800 fps, ~900 fps, more?
Ergonomics? Is a target-rifle style stock preferred, critical, unnecessary?

Lastly, name some good candidates for an Open rifle. Please indicate if the model is available for purchase new, no longer made but still plentiful on the used market, hard to find, etc.

I really like my Anschutz 2002 SSP as my Target rifle so I have kept my eyes out for a 2020 (PCP 12 ft/p version) or a 2025 (16 ft/p version) but they seem to be pretty rare. Unfortunately, upgrading my smallbore rifle is more of a priority for me but I'd like to know what may be a good Open rifle candidate in case one pops up for a good price.

Lets hear it!
Allen Corneau

Ken Green
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Re: Open Rifle discussion

Post by Ken Green »

Hi Allen: Just about everyone uses .177 caliber because is has a flatter trajectory and is very accurate. The .177 has more than enough power to take the rams down without any problems. Any of the name brand rifles, (Anschutz, FWB etc) will shoot way more accurate than we can off hand. The style of the stock is a personal choice. The stock that fits my hands and feels good to me, might not feel the same to you.

I have 2 of the RAW (Rapid Air Weapon) rifles. The RAW is made in Minor Hill, Tennessee by Martin Rutherford. Martin is a great guy to deal with. These rifle are available brand new off the shelf from different air gun businesses. My open class rifles are set between 19 and 20 fpe. I am using a 10.3 grain pellet and it is around 880 - 900 fps. I will have both of my open class rifles with me in Baton Rouge at the Air Rifle Silhouette Nationals match. I will be more than happy to let you shoot both of them.

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