SK Pistol Match ammo

22 Long Rifle ammo is finicky. Tell us all about it here.
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SK Pistol Match ammo

Post by ShootingStar »

Fellow Silhouette shooters. . .
Just wanting to see who, if anyone, is using or has tried this ammo in Smallbore Silhouettes?!?

I read some great things about it over on RimfireCentral and got a brick to give it a try. I won't be able to try it out for another couple weeks, so checking here to see how it's performed for others.
I got it from Cathy (GoodShootingInc) for $6.10 a box, so that puts it cost-wise between SK Stnd + and SK Rifle Match.
Based on reports on RFC, it shoots well above it's price. I'm hoping it's tighter grouping and no flyers than CCI SV, Stnd+ and Rifle Match.

I'll give it a try in my Annie, and my CZ Style and report back! But you gonna have to wait. . .
Meanwhile, let me know how it did for you in your rifle (let me know what that was too)!
Also posted on RFC, so you don't have to answer both places!!

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Re: SK Pistol Match ammo

Post by jbmarshtx »

I've used it a lot in the CZ that I used to shoot. I also just ordered a brick of it with the 2 bricks of SK Rifle Match I got from Cathy. It worked really well in my CZ. I don't know how it will do in the 1712 that I shoot now.

I also bought some mixed lots of RWS rifle match to see if one was much better than the others. But it didn't shoot 'that' much better than the SK that I had.
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