Want to buy or want to sell.
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New used rifle (had less than a brick down it), sent to Wooster to be stocked. Measurements in pictures, 14"LOP, 12" to the front edge of grip, 3/4" foam butt pad. Trigger has adjustment for and aft still. 2 stage, set right over 2 pounds. 8 new savage mags adjusted to fit. All 8 feed, load, eject no problem. Pictures of bullets after ran through action from mag, can see light trace of bolt over ride, no shaving of bullets from bolt or chamber. Not a mark on stock or action worth taking a picture of. Shoots very well, 3/4" all day long at 100 with SK Rifle Match, 1" with Eley Club. No other ammo's tested and targets in pictures (not shot in a tunnel but normal outdoor conditions and can recreate, not cherry picked targets).

scope and rings NOT included.

Wife wants to try smallbore.... no longer for sale.

Link to pictures.



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